Vaping Australia

I live in Eastern Melbourne Australia, and vaping has become extremely popular here. Every day at the bus stop there are lines of people all vaping before they get on the bus. In our city we are moving towards a no cigarette policy to protect other people from tobacco smoke in public areas. The laws have helped some people to give up smoking and those who wish to continue are taking up vaping at a fast rate.

The online vape shops are a real eye opener for those of us who are interested in vaping. Vape DNA provides solutions for all, with a variety of options.

There are many online stores in the searches, this enables you to select the products of your choice and add to the cart. The Vape stores assure me that they have customers from all over the world. People who spend more than $15o Aud get free shipping.

Vaping Australia

My grandson who is 17 and attends a private school and assures me that all the kids vape on the weekend. He was not as forthcoming as I would have liked, but he did say that they had all given up smoking and many of them have taken up vaping, because it is easy enough to do the online order. This is a demographic with a good disposable income, and I suspect that they are vaping more often than on weekends. I have a friend who has been a lifelong smoker and when she was taken to hospital with a smoking related condition she was told to give up cigarettes. She has taken up vaping in a big way, she too does the online order and always has the vape in her hand. She told me that it is a terrific product as she was putting on weight when giving up smoking and the vape helps to control her appetite. She said that the Medical team told her that vaping would be OK, as long as she did not smoke tobacco.

Vaping Shop

My search for Vape stores online revealed many, especially across the city of Melbourne which is the big city in Australia. The range of E-Liquid looked absolutely fabulous. One of the stores told me that I would need a Mad Hatter E-liquid every ten days, when I was enquiring about usage. I was also offered a very good starter kit at a competitive price.

Vaping Shop Online

There are a very wide range of vape products available online including e-liquids. eCig For Life have a selection of different e-liquid flavours like strawberry, vanilla, apple, chocolate, peach, and even others such as tiramisu and a tropical bomb mix.

Vaping Shop Near Me

My nearest vaping shop is eCig For Life. They have a team of people dedicated to all things vaping and are extremely knowledgeable on the subject. The shelves are well stocked and it is an extremely inviting store. Many of the products are beautifully packaged and would make a great gift for those who vape. It is a friendly atmosphere and provides excellent customer service.

Vaping Australia

What is Vaping Australia?

It is an electronic device, battery operated that heats a liquid called an Eliquid to produce an inhaled vapour. If you are just beginning as at a Vaping you will need the following products.

  • starter kit
  • vape pen or Box
  • E-liquid
  • battery
  • charger
  • drip tip

Statistics show that vaping has skyrocketed during the last decade especially in Australia, showing that a lot of people giving up tobacco have turned to vaping as a safer way of inhaling. E-liquid comes in a wide range of flavours, and these are really nice compared to cigarettes. I discovered coffee, fruity, cereal, cola and candy. You need a battery and a charger, and a drip tip to enhance your flavour experience. If you plan to spend a lot of time vaping each day like my friend, you will need a Box mod because the batteries are bigger and you can use it with a larger tank which reduces the need to refill. It also produces large vapour clouds and some people love that. All these items can be purchased in a starter kit, perfect for the beginner to vaping. All of the stores will be happy to offer advice and guidance to the beginner, if you go into the store it is important to have proof of ID. over 18 years of age.


Vaping is a fascinating subject and I can see why so many people take it up and use vaping parties to relax with their friends, it will certainly be the way of the future for smokers who are being taxed out of existence, happy vaping.